Our company provides complete installation services for different types of modern elevator systems as well as replacement of the old. We are aware that time efficiency – while preserving top quality - is one of the most decisive factors. Therefore by using the best accessible equipment and our know-how we are able to ensure completion of these tasks in a considerably shorter period of time in comparison to our competitors.
The installation process itself consists of various stages covering basic preparatory steps followed by mechanical and electro-technical installation including the activation of the latest IT elevator softwares.
From the full range of our installation services we can emphasize three main categories:


We offer the best and the shortest possible installation solutions for your apartment-or-office building that has low, medium or high traffic volume. It is important to take into consideration your building´s requirements as well as your own and this is the balance we constantly try to achieve. Our experienced staff ensures that the istallation process goes as smoothly as possible to guarantee 100% satisfaction of every customer.


This category of installation services is focused on cargo elevator systems that are applied in various types of business or social enviroment. Our specialists provide not only the standard installation versions of cargo lifts but they are also able to accept new challenges of hard and demanding projects that impose special requirements on this work (for example our presence in one of the world´s largest scientific research centres in Cern, Switzerland – working on special installation or replacement projects).


Beside the standard installation using the frame we also offer our installation service without the use of scaffolding. This is a very practical, cost-saving and time-efficient solution where we guarantee not only the best quality but above all „the maximum safety of our working process“, because health and safety of all employees is our top priority. We are therefore able to provide all complete installation solutions in both versions (with or without the use of frame).